09 Jul 2017

What's new at the main open in 2017 edition?

If you're still not updated with latest news regarding our changes in the main open, here are the news.

As you probably already spotted, this year the open will be one day longer, with only one double round.

Next, the prize fund significally increased, much bigger prizes for the first places in the main standings, bigger prizes in seniors prizes and women prizes and more prizes for new elo rating groups

The amateurs players will be glad to hear that this year we will not have any more accelerated swiss pairings, last years editions proved that such system did not help (as we thought) in achieving more international norms. So, with the normal swiss pairings, there will be more chances for amateur players to play wit titled players (on the first rounds at least)

Another new thing is the tie-break criteria, the order in which they will apply will be chosen after the last round by the top seed player.

Although, many of you you'll be happy to notice that we kept the possibility to take 2 free rounds with half points, this thing will no longer be possible for invited players GMs and IMs