25 Jun 2017

The 10th International Chess Festival will have a new open for players under 1600 elo

For the first time at the 10th Arad International Chess Festival, will have a new open tournament, for players with elo under 1600. Although we continue to have good prizes for this type of players in the main open, in the U1600 open we will have prizes of 2500 euro

Since this open runs for just 4 days, it could be a good and cheap option considering the 8 days for the main open.

And since U1600 open will take place in the mornings, the players with elo under 1600 could play in both opens, in the U1600 in the morning and in the main open in the afternoon. 

Be aware that players without any international elo or any proof of internal elo could not win prizes in general standings. They will be eligible to win category prizes though.